Carbon Lock™

Climate change is complex.
But carbon capture can be simple.


Rock mineralization is a scalable, proven, permanent way to sequester carbon.


Enhanced Rock Weathering leverages the natural carbon cycle utilizing existing infrastructure.

scalable solution


Eion’s CarbonLock offers farmers and the agricultural industry a verifiable pathway to decarbonization.

carbon capture

A problem of global dimensions demands a globally scalable solution.


Adam Wolf CEO

Adam Wolf

Founder & CEO

designed the product, drove commercial engagements, and led the company’s IP creation in patents.

Elliot CHang CS

Elliot Chang

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist


Steve Pacala

Carbon Science
Frederick D. Petrie Professor in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University

Eve Hinckley

Field-scale Biogeochemistry
University of Colorado, Boulder

Martin Korbmacher

Carbon Science
Founder and Managing Partner of Event Horizon Capital & Advisory GmbH

Céline Pallud

Lab-scale Biogeochemistry
University of California, Berkeley

Al Tank

Carbon Science
Founder, Managing Partner & CEO of Revolution Energy Systemsy

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