Soil Geochemist

San Francisco, CA (Bay Area) or remote

At Eion we are passionate about carbon removal. We work with farmers and ranchers to safely and permanently remove carbon dioxide (CDR) from the atmosphere at scale using enhanced rock weathering (ERW). Eion accelerates the weathering cycle by pulverizing silicate minerals. We then work with the existing agricultural infrastructure to transport and apply this fine powder to working lands. Once applied, nature takes over. Rain and soil acidity enable the minerals to remove the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ultimately transport it to the ocean, where it will be stored for roughly 500,000 years.


Role Overview

Eion holds an industry-first patent for directly measuring the CO2 removed by mineral weathering in soils using immobile trace elements or soil fingerprinting. We take pre- and post-application soil samples and compare these measurement results to verify the amount of minerals applied, the total CO2 removed, and trace elements and micronutrients remaining in the soil. Ultimately, we can measure the carbon removed by quantifying the alkalinity fluxes from the root zone into the subsoil; the flow of alkalinity from magnesium is matched by a flow of alkalinity in the form of dissolved carbon.


You will be joining our Science team as the Soil Geochemist focusing on CDR quantification. In this role, you will be largely responsible for 1) developing geochemical modeling frameworks to interpret our various small- and large-scale deployment data, and 2) addressing novel challenges associated with collecting first-of-kind field data using Eion’s direct-measurement soil MRV approach. You will work directly with Eion’s Chief Science Officer to develop, innovate, and evaluate traditional and novel algorithms that impact how soil-based CDR is quantified. 


To be successful in this role, you have a strong knowledge base in soil chemistry and quantitative modeling of soil processes. You must have a PhD in soil biogeochemistry or a related field, and likely have experience with 0-2 years of postdoctoral research, where you worked on soil- or CDR-based research projects. Ideally, you have understanding of- or experience with various analytical chemistry methods used commonly in soil characterization studies (such as XRD, FTIR, ICP-MS/OES methods). In your previous role you may have been an outstanding, ambitious graduate or postdoctoral researcher working on silicate weathering or developing soil process models.




  • Work alongside Eion’s Chief Science Officer to develop reactive transport modeling capabilities calibrated by in-field measurement data.
  • Evaluate various soil geochemical datasets collected by Eion and enhance interpretation of new results.
  • Work with Eion’s affiliated collaborators to publish research on direct measurement approaches of silicate weathering processes and related models.
  • Provide assistance and collaborate on grant-writing proposals to unlock additional research-related funding within Eion’s R&D program.
  • Work with Eion Data Scientist and Engineers to integrate geochemical learnings into latest production-ready codes for CDR quantification.
  • Interpret language published on ERW standards and protocols developed in industry.


Attributes to be successful in this role

  • Sincere interest in climate, environment, and the business of solving these problems
  • Independent executor who takes initiative on next steps
  • Creative problem-solver who simplifies problems to their core elements
  • Must have superb geochemical background and interpretation skills
  • Ability to explain how models are used and algorithms behave to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Comfort working in a rapidly evolving and often hectic business environment


Required Qualifications

  • PhD in Soil Science, Environmental Science, Biogeochemistry, or related field
  • 3+ years of experience developing reactive transport or speciation models (PHREEQC/CRUNCHFLOW).
  • Strong publication record in the field of soil science and related subsurface processes.
  • Demonstrated experience performing data analysis (Python) and parameter estimation (PEST, Monte Carlo methods).
  • Demonstrated experience with interpreting soil characterization data (XRD, ICP-MS/OES, FTIR, Ion chromatography).
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong team player, able to collaborate well with various divisions within the company
  • Ability to occasionally travel for key meetings and conferences (<10%)


Why Work With Us

  • With us, you will work on a cutting-edge solution for one of humanity’s most pressing problems.
  • We believe that rigorous science combined with a commercial mindset offers the keys to success.
  • Join us in building a culture around excellence and kindness.


Additional Information

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Eion is building a team that looks beyond the dominant culture for clues to creating a successful workplace where every person stands in integrity. To that end, Eion is committed to a supportive and inclusive culture for women, gender minorities, and other individuals from underrepresented groups. Our core team includes racial diversity, gender diversity, and ability diversity, and we continually broaden our understanding and support for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, gender expression, protected veteran status, and any other characteristic protected under applicable State or Federal laws and regulations.


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