Carbon Removal that Creates Value for Agricultural Communities

When we set out to build Eion, we wanted to create a business that drives value for communities while decarbonizing our world. After all, that’s how you turn good intentions into meaningful impact that will be felt for generations. 


This motivation is deeply informed by our team’s roots in agriculture and ultimately informs our farmer-first approach. It’s the foundation for our partnership with AGRIgate, a trusted advisor to farmers representing over 1 million acres of working lands and bringing decades of experience in crop management and agricultural research.


Together, Eion and AGRIgate are helping farmers balance pH levels and create healthier soils to improve crop yields and increase grower profitability while creating jobs, boosting local economies, and putting down roots in the rural communities where we work.


Video Transcript

 When you move outside of the bigger cities into where most of the farming landscape occurs–those communities are dependent on agriculture–from the stores to the bakeries to the gas stations. Everything revolves around, and lives and dies by, traditional row crop agriculture.

The communities in our agricultural production areas, they’re drying up, that’s what it boils down to. What’s really intriguing about the opportunity that we have ahead of us with Eion is re-engaging and rebuilding workforces in these communities. And that is everything from

truck drivers delivering the material, pulling soil samples in the farmer’s fields, to the applicators that apply the product to the farm. There’s a lot of benefits outside of the soil and the environment. 

Eion is the first company that’s brought a product to us, a service to us, that scientifically we believe can go in permanently, remove carbon, do it with ease, and do it with little to no disruption whatsoever to the grower base and the way that they’re currently farming. 

Eion is a company that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere permanently and verifiably at scale. We do it using enhanced rock weathering. Eion’s co-founders discovered a way to use direct soil measurements to identify exactly how much carbon dioxide was removed through the process using trace minerals in the soil.

When you think about sustainability and when we think about, you know, health and, and, and fitness–we think about all those buzzwords, But before that can happen, we have to be profitable. And so that’s the truest sense of the word is profitability, because if the grower’s not profitable, he can’t sustain.

One of the biggest draws of agriculture is that so much of our time is spent with just what you would hear as salt of the earth individuals.These are people active in our communities. They may not work in agriculture, but they’re tied to it. They’re friends, coaches, and Sunday school teachers. And over the course of a lifetime, relationships are integrated. So it’s not just about being an agronomist or being on their farm. It’s about being their friend and helping the community be successful